Respond quickly & increase flexibility.

Businesses are now expected to respond more quickly while increasing their overall flexibility, agility, and functionality of their operations by leveraging cloud-based services. Softworx have reliable, high performance connectivity solutions for SME`s right through to advanced Software Defined LAN/WAN for enterprise.

Empower your staff so they can adopt their preferred work style including working across multiple sites, on the move or from home.

Breaking some of these elements down…


SASE ( Secure Access Service Edge). Enable simplified, secure, anywhere access to applications and data while enhancing end-user experience. With today’s hybrid working practices coupled with digital acceleration and IoT growth, companies require more innovative security strategies. Bring security and networking together through unified SASE. To find out more about Aruba SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) including SD-WAN, Cloud native security functions such as secure web gateways, Cloud access security brokers, Firewall as-a-service and Zero-trust network access.

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MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is a networking technology that routes traffic using the shortest path based on “labels,” rather than network addresses, to handle forwarding over private wide area networks. As a scalable and protocol-independent solution, MPLS assigns labels to each data packet, controlling the path the packet follows. MPLS greatly improves the speed of traffic, so users don’t experience downtime when connected to the network.

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Internet Access

With such a broad range of internet connectivity methods available including broadband, StarLink, satellite, cellular (3G, 4G, 5G), and Ethernet we can work with you to decide on the best options for the business. More than ever it’s imperative to be:

  • Fast & Reliable – Being able to provide the latest speeds and using multiple connections allowing us to be not only the quickest but with unbreakable connectivity, essential if most of your applications are now cloud based.
  • Anytime, anywhere – With current connections on everything from boats to trains and shipping ports to windfarms we can provide low latency connections using WAN Smoothing, bandwidth bonding, traffic steering and forward error correction in any location.
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The Internet of Things (IoT) describes physical objects with sensors that communicate with applications via wireless or wired networks.

These methods include Wi-Fi for high-speed connections, Bluetooth for short-range device pairing, Zigbee and Z-Wave for low-power mesh networks, cellular networks for widespread connectivity, and RFID/NFC for item tracking. These methods collectively form the foundation of IoT, fostering seamless data sharing, automation, and smart functionalities across an array of applications and industries.

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Today, Wi-Fi networks experience bandwidth-intensive media content and multiple Wi-Fi devices per user. Moving forward, networks will face a continued dramatic increase in the number of devices connected and bandwidth required. Softworx provide the latest in Wi-Fi 6 technology fully manged from the cloud, allowing you to fully manage and support your environment from a browser anywhere on any device.

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Network Switching & Routing

Your network needs to evolve to meet new demands. So do your switches, enhance network security and build a modern IT environment.
Softworx provides modular cloud managed Switching and Routing for all environments from small lean branches to large enterprise networks.

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