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Transform the way you connect & collaborate.

Let Softworx help you enhance the way you connect and collaborate whilst encompassing diverse technologies like casting, video conferencing, digital signage, and LED wall configurations for standard or bespoke installations. Take advantage of streaming, webinars, and interactive displays to facilitate hybrid collaborative working.

Here is further information on some of the core areas we specialise in…

Interactive Screens

An interactive display combines high-quality advanced technology with a familiar user experience to enrich presentations, meetings, and lessons. Annotate effortlessly over browsers, applications, and files, whilst having the ability to cast both ways and control the ‘parent’ device directly from the screen.

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Teams/ Zoom Meeting Rooms

Simplicity is the key, having the ability to easily join Teams/ Zoom calls with ‘one-touch’ technology, having HD tracking cameras and AI sound technology to give an easy-to-use system that combines great camera quality with fantastic sound and voice. Combine the engaging power of interactive displays with the organisational power of Microsoft Teams™/Zoom and your meetings are taken to the next level!

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Digital Signage

Communicate easily with customers or visitors to your building with static or interactive digital display systems. From providing valuable company, marketing, and safety information to directions, inquiries and simply showcasing your work and projects, dynamic digital signage displays help engage with your audience.

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LED Walls

Built up of multiple LED tiles an LED Wall delivers every detail exactly as it was intended, bringing pictures to life in immaculate quality never seen before. From the deepest blacks to the brightest whites, experience colours in their purest form. LED tiles allows you to have exactly how you want it in any environment, with flexible design not constrained by size, shape, or structural limits. Ideal to showcase your products and services at the highest level of visualisation.

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Desk/ Room Booking Solutions

Simple to use solutions for users to book space online – whether that’s desk space or a meeting room – as and when they need it. Users can also just as easily cancel it if they don’t need it, therefore freeing that resource for someone else. It provides a cost-effective way of managing office space and making sure it’s fully utilised. It even provides an effective way of making sure that visitors are booked in and routed smoothly to the right place, improving their experience.

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