Andy Slorach & Eddie Trainer appointed to The Softworx Board of Directors.

This is recognition of their contribution and leadership.

The Softworx Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Andy Slorach, Head of Business Development, and Eddie Trainer, Head of Cyber & Compliance, to the board of directors. Their elevation to directorial positions reflects their significant contributions to the company’s growth and leadership.

Alan Smillie, CEO of The Softworx Group, commends their dedication and support over the past six years, congratulating them on their well-deserved promotions. Andy and Eddie have played integral roles in the growth of our business. Their addition to the board fortifies our senior management team as we enter the next phase of expansion, providing strong foundations and peace of mind for the future. 

Andy Slorach, Director, expresses his appreciation and enthusiasm for his new role, reflecting on his tenure at The Softworx Group: “My 6.5 years at The Softworx Group has been an absolute pleasure, and comfortably the most enjoyable and rewarding time in my 34-year career. A fantastic team, coupled with very professional clients and partners. It would also be remiss of me not to mention Alan Smillie, an inspirational, confidence instilling and incredibly switched on mentor from day one.”  

 Eddie Trainer, Director, reflects on the significance of his promotion: “Achieving this promotion to the main board of the Softworx Group is a significant milestone in my career, reflecting recognition of my hard work and dedication. It is an honour that carries with it both increased responsibility and the opportunity to make a substantial impact on The Softworx Group`s direction and success. Inspirational leadership from Alan Smilie is key to my role, such leaders not only drive the company forward but also leave a lasting imprint on the corporate culture and ethos, inspiring future generations to reach for excellence. I am truly honoured to be part of The Softworx Group’s journey.”